Before they begin mentoring, we train our Teach One to Lead One volunteers to effectively use our established teaching methods and curriculum. By the time they enter a classroom, our volunteers are prepared to take the risk.

Once trained, our Teach One to Lead One mentors take the curriculum and principles right into the classrooms of at-risk kids. These principles are not native to Teach One to Lead One, people have always used ideas like integrity and courage into practice to make life better for themselves and others. We encourage at-risk kids to make these principles habits for their day-to-day lives.

The greatest factor in turning an at-risk kid’s life around is the mentors in their life. Our mentors develop close relationships with the kids they teach. Some kids have never had a positive influence like a Teach One to Lead One mentor. With only a few months in the program, teachers begin to see the impacts of the mentors’ commitments as students’ grades begin to rise and attitudes change.

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